The Haylor-MTv-Larry-Storyboard-Viacom Connection

Reminder why MTv is so unwilling to let this thing go… 

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You’re the only one who knows, you slow it down…

One of the most beautiful things about Harry and Louis’ relationship is what Harry does for Louis. 

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Anonymous asked you: what’s the cake?
Anonymous asked you: What’s the cake?

Oh anons. Now that you’ve sparked me… prepare for laughter, because the cake is the single most ridiculous thing you’ll ever see

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Thank you so much Ben for mentioning me in your article! Much respect to you & your positive words on the situation:) xx

My Open Letter to Ben Harvey (x)

Ben Harvey’s Second 1D Article (x)

at the very least, if you don’t think Harry and Louis had crushes on each other during the X Factor then I don’t even understand how you’re working a computer right now

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An Open Letter to Ben Harvey

First, I want to thank you for writing such a respectable article regarding the sexuality’s of the members of One Direction. Articles on the same subject, and specifically regarding Harry and Louis, are usually classless with suspicious intentions. 

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