pretending to like something bc you think it makes you cool :\

pretending not to like something bc you think it makes you uncool :/

liking whatever you like and feeling cool and confident about it :) 

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I have so much respect for the boys that they went through X Factor, like, they were so young and suddenly thrusted onto television… They had to go through the stress of competition and living away from home and becoming famous and performing on big stages for the first time all under pressure and I just think they should get more credit for how hard they worked on that show.

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My dad just came home and told me he heard on the radio that Harry has written two songs for Taylor Swift’s next album, and since it’s my ~dad I asked like five times if he was sure and if it was just Harry and if the songs were by Harry not about Harry and he said yes that Harry Styles himself has written two songs for Taylor Swift’s new album. I… I don’t even know the credibility of the radio he heard this from but /if/ this is actually going to happen… omg… Does anyone have more information on this?!

Lol, Dad being too proud to admit he heard wrong. I think the gossip is that Taylor’s rage has already fueled like 5+ songs about Harry. I bet they’re top notch..

The Haylor-MTv-Larry-Storyboard-Viacom Connection

Reminder why MTv is so unwilling to let this thing go… 

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Dapper Lou

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harry + orange

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Put whatever label on it you want, I don’t care. I’m here for this, this feeling they give me by giving it to each other. I didn’t make it up, I have no reason to push it into reality, I am simply here enjoying this same feeling that pulled me in from the start. 

I am in the library failing to do homework right now I DONT THINK I WILL BE ABLE TO COMPOSE MYSELF WHEN OVER AGAIN COMES ON… I’m not ready. I’m at Rock Me right now… trying to regain a stable heartbeat. JESUS CHRIST the song is almost over I AM NOT READY FOR MORE NEW ONES. 

(ME) YOU’RE IN THE LIBRARY SORRY MY PHONE IS DEAD oops caps lock ahh sorry to anyone confused I am communicating with my sister that is her ^^^

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