@Real_Liam_Payne: Are you comfyy enough broo”

@Real_Liam_Payne: Sharings caring”

"@NiallOfficial: Think its time to get some christmas jumpers! Get into the spirit"

I am not ready for this. 

Louis’ fanboys

Ugh Niall who do you think you are? He probably mentioned something about wanting a bar code tattoo like that guy’s shirt and they were probably like maayn we gotchu let’s tat him up and Nialls like woah hold up I’m Irish cream easy boys

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Niall is like that friend we all had growing up who had blondish hair and then grew up to have darker hair but still no matter what they always have blonde hair even when you stare straight at them and it’s definitely more brown. 

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@anne42cox | ”Here’s another birthday hug for you sweetie @NiallOfficial xxx”

About the whole Niall tweeting Louis thing, just remember that in so many interviews, all the boys help egg on the Demi thing even though we all know that’s fake, too

I promise we are not that stupid.


Boy Banders Are Hiding A Secret, anyone?

One Direction | VMA’s 2012

Niall Horan & Katy Perry | VMA’s 2012

referring to them as “the babies” even though they’re all older than me

An Open Letter to Ben Harvey

First, I want to thank you for writing such a respectable article regarding the sexuality’s of the members of One Direction. Articles on the same subject, and specifically regarding Harry and Louis, are usually classless with suspicious intentions. 

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