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Exactly what it looks like

Harry & Louis | VMA’s 2012

Earthquake in LA, I blame Larry VMA celebration sex

Louis Tomlinson | VMA Red Carpet 2012 


“Harry, are you good with your hands?”

“Really good…”

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I first saw this, my initial interpretation of Louis’ “really good” was that he was commending Harry for coming up with an appropriate response so quickly. Like, Louis was prepared to have to intervene if Harry couldn’t think of anything to say, but he DID, and Lou was astonished and so proud of him :) Then when Liam looks… I mean what else could that mean. He thought he was being just oh so funny and no one would notice.  I’m sensing Louis didn’t really agree with Liam’s choice of question, because it put his bby in a tough situation. Either way we got a cute lil Larry moment.

referring to them as “the babies” even though they’re all older than me

but guys, Harry and Louis definitely talk to each other in strange voices when they’re at home, like they use sweet talk and like baby voices and omg like usually that is so embarrassing to me but I just know they do it, I can imagine Lou like using a little voice to talk to Harry and Harry being such a baby back and like uuhgghhhh thAT IS THEIR HOME LIFE 

I am mesmerized

An Open Letter to Ben Harvey

First, I want to thank you for writing such a respectable article regarding the sexuality’s of the members of One Direction. Articles on the same subject, and specifically regarding Harry and Louis, are usually classless with suspicious intentions. 

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Ben Harvey, reporter of this quality article, (x) has hopped aboard the S.S. Larry! This is a rare good day for Larry in the media, thank you Ben:)