Put whatever label on it you want, I don’t care. I’m here for this, this feeling they give me by giving it to each other. I didn’t make it up, I have no reason to push it into reality, I am simply here enjoying this same feeling that pulled me in from the start. 

This is the period of time where Louis began to own Harry. Harry was no one else’s. Harry had to laugh at him at all times, look at him, pay attention to him, listen to him, follow his commands, follow Louis around when he told him to, dress in Louis’ clothes… Harry was Louis’. If Harry was flirting with someone in the house, Louis would snatch him away because Harry was his and Harry wasn’t going anywhere with anyone else. Maybe he tried to convince himself it was a friendly thing, but at some point it shifted. Now Harry is Louis’. Louis doesn’t even have to ask;) 

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Harry and Louis getting ready to go to the game probably involves Harry all flustered in the kitchen, trying to fill up Lou’s water bottle and put in enough ice while making eggs and toast, meanwhile Louis is a menace and giddy all over the place eating and spilling orange juice that Harry has to wipe up and getting dirt on things with his cleats to Harry’s dismay and when they walk out the door Lou’s probably so excited he forgets his pads or something and Harry’s like “Louehh you forget your paaads” and they finally shuffle out the door, and Louis kisses Harry’s cheek before running ahead while Harry hobbles behind carrying snacks and things for later like ugh soccer mom Harry is a real thing

Of course Harry was looking up matching tattoos on Tumblr! Now that Louis’ up for tattoos Harry wants them to get matching ones ughhadlfkahg he’s probably so excited! 

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end of story

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The Script concert feeels 

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If I find out Harry and Louis aren’t and weren’t ever together I will cry for days like it’s my own heart break.

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H & L @ Germany signing | 22 September 2012 (x)

I didn’t even know this was an issue until today, but Harry kissing Cara, guys, he kisses most of his fans on the cheek too if he’s allowed close enough to hug them. From what I’ve seen, he kisses his friends and family the same way. It’s just the way he is, the way he greets people. Harry’s a gentleman…