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Thank you so much Ben for mentioning me in your article! Much respect to you & your positive words on the situation:) xx

My Open Letter to Ben Harvey (x)

Ben Harvey’s Second 1D Article (x)

One Direction | VMA’s 2012

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idk what you see

but I see a tent


An Open Letter to Ben Harvey

First, I want to thank you for writing such a respectable article regarding the sexuality’s of the members of One Direction. Articles on the same subject, and specifically regarding Harry and Louis, are usually classless with suspicious intentions. 

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This is seriously one of the best Larry videos I’ve ever seen

When the boys went to see The Dictator, Liam and Niall were probably cracking up the entire time, Zayn probably fell asleep, and Louis and Harry we’re probably making out. 

All of this makes me realize one thing…

If Larry isn’t real, my heart will break. The love between them, I honestly didn’t make it all up in my head, I had no reason to care about it or them or anything, but they sucked me in, it was all them! 

I want it to be real so bad, because I’ve never seen love like that, I don’t want it to all have been a joke, you know?

Come on

We can’t get mad at Louis for how he acted during that MUCH interview. HE STILL DIDN’T DENY ANYTHING. In fact, he said “At first we we’re just friends…” and like never completed the thought. Don’t get mad at Louis just because HE has to do all the talking because we all know Harry is pathetic at acting. 

However, still peeved at Louis for getting sassy him and Eleanor over Twitter (if you look at my last post…)