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An Open Letter to Ben Harvey

First, I want to thank you for writing such a respectable article regarding the sexuality’s of the members of One Direction. Articles on the same subject, and specifically regarding Harry and Louis, are usually classless with suspicious intentions. 

It made me so happy to see you (and your friends) become fascinated with H & L’s (beautiful) relationship, especially because not only are you one of the only reporters to give the boys some respect, but now you ship them too! :) 

However, I’m a bit concerned about what you’re planning to do with your next article, so I just want to let you in on a few things before you become probably the first credible source to throw tons of positive Larry information into the public. 

See, as much as I (and all of the Larry shippers) wish Harry and Louis could come out and be happy in public and generally be themselves in front of the world, they simply can’t, not right now. 

Their management has a purpose, which is to keep One Direction going strong and earning bank. And to keep up their plan, it’s been forbidden for Harry or Louis to come out to the public as gay or bi or together or whatever they may be. They are marketed to win the hearts of fangirls all over the world, and the last thing their management wants is for them to step out of the closet, especially right before their upcoming second headlining tour, and second studio album release. They are in the height of their careers at the moment, and management would like to keep it that way. 

Do I agree with this? No. But do I understand? Of course. And I’m inferring that Harry and Louis feel the same way. Of course they want to come out and be happy together and not be marketed in their clean cut boy band image. But they know what is best for not only their careers (because honestly, if the band was called “Stylinson” I’m sure they’d be out by now) but for the careers of their best friends/bandmates and all of the others who work around them. And although they feel awful in hiding, I’m sure they’d feel worse if they “selfishly” blew the whole operation, no matter how conceited the operation may be. 

I don’t know what your next article is going to be like, and I am so thankful for your good intentions, but I’m just afraid that if you, a credible writer for the Huffington Post, writes something that completely shows Larry for what it is, management will have to take it (and whatever it stirs) deadly serious, and they’ll only crack down harder. Harry and Louis might have to take more extreme measures to hide their sexualities, and more stress will be added to the band.

OR things might just blow up, and they will be forced out of the closet, which, as much as I wish for them to be out to the public, would almost be worse, because it could upset the balance of their careers (even though I personally think/hope they would be accepted), and it would just generally be a less fulfilling outing.

When the time comes, Harry and Louis will finally be able to out themselves in a respectable way, and hopefully they’ll be given the freedom to tell the whole story. I’m sure they already have some kind of plan to let people know. And who knows, I can even predict a break down occurring and them just having to out themselves in the middle of all this hype!

But for now, I really think we all need to respect the fourth wall. We should keep our analyses to tumblr, and our support to Harry and Louis more personal (like through private tweets or direct messages). I want them to know we support them, I just don’t want all of us running around making their lives harder than they probably already are. I think they’ve accepted their fate, and we should make that as easy for them as possible. 

Much Love xx 

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