Title: Unknownare we friends or are we mooOOOore
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Anonymous: "why are you against the banner? i mean i get it when that shit is like inappropriate or whatever but this is a tweet like louis' own tweet no one is saying anything bad"

Because Harry and Louis have made so many sacrifices to keep their relationship private… the least anyone could do is just not bring it up in public. 

The tweet itself isn’t bad at all… in fact, it’s one of the best! It’s just the irony like, holding up these signs to support Harry and Louis, when all it does is contribute to the weight of restriction put on their interactions. The more evidence we try and throw around, the more they have to make sure they don’t give us anything else to talk about. To treat like an inside joke. 

And it’s true, it’s like people keep forgetting that Harry and Louis’ relationship isn’t an inside joke between us and them, and that they actually can’t afford to have us in on it anymore, and that it stopped being funny sometime around 2011 when Louis had to get a fake girlfriend. 

Things got real, and tough, and for some reason, some people aren’t respecting that? They can’t grasp how holding up these signs is more of a support for the “Larry fandom” than it is for Harry and Louis’ actual relationship. Because if you really cared about these boys and understood their efforts, you’d just leave the sign at home. Easy. 

And it’s one sign for god’s sake it’s not like I think it’ll make much of a difference. The problem is that all the endeavors like this, they add up to make things more difficult. And people just don’t get it. 

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joshdevinedrums: Can’t wait to start this tour! We are ready! [23/04/14]

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I think my favourite thing about all the charity work Louis does, is that so much of it is with smaller local charities.  These charities don’t have massive advertising budgets that allow them to reach millions and so its wonderful to see someone with Louis’ huge platform help get the word out about the importance of these charities and the amazing impact they have on the lives of the people they help.

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i feel awful because the members of one direction are so genuine and talented but they’re constantly being screwed over by the people who work for them and as a band they end up looking ridiculous from liam not apologizing for tweeting…


imagine all the people who actually deserve Ben Winston’s job

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@1DMofosUpdates: Some girls in Chile painted a huge banner with one of Louis’ tweets to Harry and they’re bringing it to the concerts! http://t.co/6QDCgvqwZu

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Harry at the Kings game in LA. (4/22)